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WPMU Security – JS unfiltered in text widgets

Thumbs up to the WPMU team, emailed Donncha about this yesterday and he fixed it in a coupla hours: If you’re on WordPress MU 1.3.3, you probably want to follow the fix in the link above.

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Want to quickly populate your WPMU site with the themes from Here: You might need to make some small changes to get it working on your site: I had to create an empty avatar_by_id function and put it … Continue reading

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Theme Toolkit for WordPress MU

Ozh’s Theme Toolkit allows theme authors to easily incorporate an admin menu in their themes to facilitate user customisation. It does not work too well out of the box with WordPress MU, displaying some undesirable behaviour like the menus persisting … Continue reading

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Widgets as an ‘mu-plugin’ on WordPress MU

The widgets code has been released for public consumption as a WordPress plugin and appears to work out of the box for WordPress MU. However, this would still require a user to ‘activate’ the plugin before use as opposed to … Continue reading

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