Jason’s Customciser :: Customise your themes!

I wrote this plugin for my WordPress MU site and am releasing it as GPL with the hope that some might find it useful. It allows your users to customise any theme on your site, changing images and colours in the CSS. It's still pretty raw but I do have plans to make it much prettier in the future.



  • Download and unzip package, copy Jason_Customciser.php into your plugins directory (/wp-inst/wp-content/plugins).


  • Plugins need to be enabled for your site.




  • If you are able to install Pear's HTML_CSS 1.0.0RC2 package, you can look for the line that says //Everything below this line may be deleted if you are able to install PEAR's HTML_CSS and delete everything below it.


Q: If someone customises a theme, will everyone else using the theme be affected?
A: No. Each user’s customisation will affect only his/her own theme. In future versions, we might allow users to ‘share’ their customisations.

Q: How does it work?
A: Briefly: When the plugin is run, it scans through the currently used theme and parses the CSS. It identifies images and colours and stores them as options that the user can change. It then injects these changes back into the theme.

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    « Widgets as an ‘mu-plugin’ on WordPress MUKubrick’s (WordPress’ default theme) footer alignment error »Jason’s Customciser :: Customise your themes!
    I wrote this plugin for my WordPress MU site and am releasing it as GPL with the hope that some might find it useful. It allows your users to customise any theme on your site, changing images and colours in the CSS. It’s still pretty raw but I do have plans to make it much prettier in the future.


    » [Download Original]
    » [Download PHP4 Compatible Version] (ported by Donncha)

    » Download and unzip package, copy Jason_Customciser.php into your plugins directory (/wp-inst/wp-content/plugins).

    » Plugins need to be enabled for your site.

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